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What strain is Grapefruit Durban Weed Strain


To begin with, Grapefruit Durban Weed Strain is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Durban Poison and Grapefruit. Furthermore, the terpenes from Grapefruit make this strain smell like citrus with a taste that is both sweet and sour – just like a pink grapefruit. Buy Grapefruit Durban Weed Strain

Is Grapefruit an Indica or sativa?

Again, Grapefruit is a potent sativa marijuana strain produce through a cross of Cinderella 99. The effects of Grapefruit are energizing and produce feelings of happiness. More so, this strain features a tropical flavor profile and citrus aroma.

Is Durban Kush a Indica or sativa?

Looks: Durban Kush tends to grow at around medium height, with oblong buds and loose calyxes that’ll take you back to strains of yesteryear. The loose, classic¬†sativa structure is accompanied by a bright-green color usually ranging from lime to wintergreen, with occasional spots of purple. Buy Grapefruit Durban Weed Strain


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