Buy Ancient og Strain


Buy Ancient og Strain


Buy Ancient og Strain from Bodhi Seeds is a mostly indica strain descend from an Iranian landrace and Snow Lotus. Its thickly resinous buds exude aromatic notes of earthy pine and sweet citrus that are fully realize in Ancient OG’s taste. This high-yielding indica is best suite for sea of green gardens and  a 70 day flowering time. Outdoor cultivators should prepare for harvest in the month of October.

Bodhi Seeds, in all of their mystery, are one of the most sought after breeders in the world. So it’s no surprise they keep up their reputation by delivering on world-class hybrids and strains such as this one. Ancient OG lives up to their stellar reputation by crossing the extremely popular Iranian Landrace and Snow Lotus strains.

Ancient og


Most growers recommend the sea of green gardens for this plant and we are inclined to agree. Ancient OG will thrive in either indoor or outdoor conditions, though the yields tend to be slightly different. In the right environment, your harvest will be quite bountiful and will reach its full potential at around 10 weeks or in late October.

This nighttime high is perfect if you want to relax without your day going completely up in smoke. It offers the right amount of energy paired with the perfect amount of body buzz for that idyllic balance both recreational and medical users love.


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